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New from Louisiana

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Hi Y'all,

Just returned home with a fixer upper. Bought a Kubota L245. I don't know the year model. I'll record the numbers on the tag and do some research. The guy I bought it from told me, oil was entering the cooling system. I suspect it may be diesel instead. I've been searching for quite a while for a re-build project and hope this works out. I only paid $100 for it and she ain't purdy.

I worked 10 years as a mechanic, then 13 years as Service Mgr., at our family owned JD agricultural dealer, before moving to the Industrial Equipment rental market. So, it's kind of ironic I would acquire a brand other than JD to tinker with.

I hope to get information and help from you guys on the L245 re-build. I'll post a photo or two of the little Jewel later.

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Thanks for the welcome, coupster. I like the Coupe. :fing32: Got a pic of the Nova?

Below is a photo of the L245.

Like I said, she ain't purdy. Of course, I don't expect much for $100. :p

The previous owner removed the cylinder head to start the engine repair. I've got all the original parts. I'm gonna remove the block and disassemble it, have it cleaned and magnafuxed, then go from there.
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Thanks, Mike

I'm hoping it will. I need a tractor on my property to move soil and mulch. If this tractor works out, I plan on building a front end loader to fit.
:thanku: to all for the friendly Welcome.

When I begin the work, I'll start a Restoration thread in the Kubota forum.
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