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New from Louisiana

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Hi Y'all,

Just returned home with a fixer upper. Bought a Kubota L245. I don't know the year model. I'll record the numbers on the tag and do some research. The guy I bought it from told me, oil was entering the cooling system. I suspect it may be diesel instead. I've been searching for quite a while for a re-build project and hope this works out. I only paid $100 for it and she ain't purdy.

I worked 10 years as a mechanic, then 13 years as Service Mgr., at our family owned JD agricultural dealer, before moving to the Industrial Equipment rental market. So, it's kind of ironic I would acquire a brand other than JD to tinker with.

I hope to get information and help from you guys on the L245 re-build. I'll post a photo or two of the little Jewel later.

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Michael :Welcome1: From Western Maryland--Great buy and the price was right
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