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Hi all. New member here from Iowa. Looking at getting a nice garden tractor for our new house. Came across the forum searching for information on some various John Deere tractors I have found on the local Craigslist. Will be asking some specific questions and for some help deciding on something in the appropriate forums.

Been a car guy my whole life. Specifically 93-02 GM Fbody's. I have owned five different ones, 95 Z28, 99 Z28, 00 SS, and two 01 Z28's. Recently sold my most recent one to take a little break from car things and focus on my family and the new house. I have two kids, a 5 year old son and a 1 year old daughter, who take up most of my time.

I look forward to being here and learning something new!


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I recommend all new members read The Getting Started Forum while they wait for the site to finish the validation process. During the validation time you may also wish to browse around the site and find the forum(s) which seem to best fit your area of interest.

Again, :Welcome1: and enjoy our forum!
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