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I've been lurking for a couple of months with eye on buying a tractor. I'm a CTO of a small software company that once a month gets to play at being a farmer on the North coast of California. We have 126 acres of mixed pasture and brush that I'd like to improve with some clearing, tree planting and maybe even improving a pond area. My only experience with tractors is about 30 years ago when I bailed hay one summer for cousins who were custom farming. The biggest thing remember about that was engaging the PTO for the towed bailer slowly so a shear pin on the flywheel didn't break. I broke a lot of pins.

Reading through the forums has already been informative and I feel like I know quite a bit more than two months ago. My hope is to buy a tractor in the next couple of months and start doing some clearing and tree planting in late October. Thanks,

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