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That picture doesn't show much detail, so maybe I'm missing something, but all that I can see in that picture is that the center grass is as tall as it was cut, and the grass to either side was mashed down by the rear tires and didn't spring back up, probably due to it being too dry to rebound very well.

The main USA John Deere web site also lists LG263 as being the proper home maintenance kit for the D140.The title for that kit says that it's for the LA100 series, but further down the page it says

LA135, LA145
Z425 with serial number below 040,001
D130 (ENGINE 407777-0283-G1), D140 (ENGINE 407777-0283-G1)

It doesn't list the individual part numbers for the components that are included in the kit though. It just says "Includes air, fuel, oil filters, (2) quarts of oil, and spark plug(s)".
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