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Hi all-

Doing the customary first post introduction. My name is Rob, I am 40 yo, and Candice and I just had our first child, Samantha, who is now two months old.

I have always tinkered with stuff (cars mostly), but with the baby comes a tighter budget. I have two Craftsman/Sears riders, one a LT and one a GT. The GT is a 917.254450 (1990 I think) and I don't have on hand the numbers for the LT4000 (I think it's a 1994).

I am going to dedicate the LT to mowing (has a 42" deck) and the GT to other tasks (no deck anyway).

I am going to post a WTB shortly, please watch for it. I am sure some folks have a parts mower or two and I bet they have my parts. A heat shield and a shifter bezel for a six speed.

I have been reading up for about a month, and this forum sure seems more freindly than some others (small engine techinical forum, for one).


1 - 5 of 5 Posts