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New axle and spindles on the 317

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Hey guys,
Got another front axle and spindles for my 317. The holes where the spindles go through were really getting wallered out. And the spindles were really worn as well. I don't think the privious owner owned a greese gun..She's back in good shape now.

Heres a few pictures putting it together.

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Now that is a HOIST!:thThumbsU
Thanks saleen49, It sure is handy.
Glad you were able to fined a axle and spindles. You know if you had a 318 the front spindles are no longer avaliabe from Deere you would have to go the used route with the 318. Diz Jr how many lawn and Garden tractors do you have ?
I have the 317 John Deere
110 John Deere square fender
149 and 169 Cub Cadet
Roper RT-10
None of them to fancy but all working tractors :D
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