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My name is yaron, I am from Israel and i just signed in.
Own a couple of farm tractors, and wish to have more...
Need your support with some parts from time to time

Current project- 1978 Wisconsin S12D- with bad is working on a unique tractor that was manufactured
in Israel, Basically it is a 3 wheels small crane used for harvest.

If anybody has pats for this engine- please contact me



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Hello, Yaron, and welcome to our forum. So nice to have you as a member!

I copied your post and put it in the For Sale/Wanted section to get more exposure to someone that may have the item you are looking for. Please enjoy your visits here at MTF. If you have any problems or questions, please ask.

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:MTF_wel2:Yaron, glad to have you here:thThumbsU
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