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new and have many questions first tractor a B10

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I just went and bought a Allis B10 its a 66 or 7. Runs good, just rebuilt card but still having an issue with fuel overflowing the bottom intake. I did put new float in, but believe issue might be in plunger type thing on bottom of float and the clip. has anyone had any issues like that? Also what type of oil in rearend? and the final newbie questin is why do i have an extra wire hangingdown by my mag. whats it go to? theres two on magnito already which looks right this lines a third(pic 1) where does it go. comes from the engine. Anyhelp greatly appreciated.


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thanks alot i know exactly what you saying about that bobby pin. I crimped it like the one in it was. you got some real nice tractors. Where do you find parts at.
Thanks alot
That fixed the carb overflow. What tires are on your simplicity700 they look like nice tires.
That's was my project before I posted yesterday. Cleaned the tank, replaced lines and put new petcock on. The tank wasn't bad. But anything I get used gets the fuel system cleaned I always seem to buy old iron.
That simplicity is a amazing looking tractor. Do they make anything similarities to those tires today
Just cleaned up the steering steers a little better but still can figure out what is up with amp meter and should it have a parking brake
The Terra's are on it now and I do have 10.5 x 12 on an 6216 I haven t messed with yet do you remember carb setting for idle and main jets screws. Also I can't get brake to work does it Pull out?
Thanks a lot have a parking break was corroded to the shaft now it works. Carb will be tomorrow will do carb again
Man that last post he bad grammar. Anyhow I found that the inline fuse is shot and I just have to replace it with new holder and fuse. Hopefully the amp meter works then
I was wondering if the extra wire in pic 2 could possible be for the lights or if it's for the. Coil or mag just helped neighbor in my garage with pro issues and saw his light wire was. Coming from pain in azz area on engine also
DT I apprecaite it. Its running great. Just needs new throttle and govenersprings( it flutters slightly) This wire is has me absolutely baffle, its coming from the same direction as the two for the mag
Kill wire? When would it be getting voltage?
Thanks guys a lot I am going to try your instructions after work. Homesteader I appreciate the instuxtipns
1 - 12 of 24 Posts
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