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new and have many questions first tractor a B10

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I just went and bought a Allis B10 its a 66 or 7. Runs good, just rebuilt card but still having an issue with fuel overflowing the bottom intake. I did put new float in, but believe issue might be in plunger type thing on bottom of float and the clip. has anyone had any issues like that? Also what type of oil in rearend? and the final newbie questin is why do i have an extra wire hangingdown by my mag. whats it go to? theres two on magnito already which looks right this lines a third(pic 1) where does it go. comes from the engine. Anyhelp greatly appreciated.


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the nieghbor had the opposite problem wouldn't get enough gas all the time. what a suprise, rust in the tank, line, carb...somebody removed the what a mess, cleaned it up and had to adjust the needle valve, the rust pushed it up to far. now it runs like a top.....i shouldn't have helped, now he wont sell
have you had it running yet? who know's what things have happened to it from the years of people working on it, the wire could be attached to The neighbor has a b-210, I will take a look this morning and see I can find the wire your talking about. he, like all of us, loves to show off his garden tractors. his looses power going up hills, has to have it full throttle and in first gear or it will just run out of steam. ok, little off topic now. I'll let ya know what I come up with. If grammer is going to be an isssue, I think we are all in trouble....were gear
didn't have alot of time, but was unable to locate the mystery wire, My spine is plated togethar so I'm not able to crawl all over and look, I believe the nieghbor will be home more today, so I will give it another go. you should check to see if the mystery wire has any voltage when running/not running with a volt meter. I'm thinking it's for the headlights. I'd figure if the tractor starts and shuts off with the switch the way it's supposed to then it can't be for the coil/mag. better luck today with the mystery wire hunt.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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