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New affordable snow cab...

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Features doors, tail lights, windows, and optional wiper system.

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I gotta have one of those, I wonder if it comes in bolens off white.
With that drain pipe on the side of the building it looks like it has a chimmeny coming out of it. Hey, a wood buring stove for heat. Ya gotta love this one.
Probably eastern European. You have to give the guy credit for doing a very nice job on the fitment. After the Berlin wall came down and I could go into the former Soviet Union, I met peoples who wasted nothing.
I don't have a pic but I do know a guy that took one of the small Dodge p/u ad made a hard cab for a Honda 4 wheeler. He told me that he cut 22" out of it right down the center. I did get to open the door, what a great job this guy did on it. I know a pic is worth more than 1K in words but sorry I just don't have one.My sole purpose in going to see him was to buy the 900 he had FS.
I'm sure it beats the heck out of being exposed to a Siberian winter!
Neat idea. Hmmm....there's this old Lincoln Town Car in the field a few miles from here.....hmmm...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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