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New addition to the family.

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Hey guys
So after some trading around, I just picked up this beauitful HT18. Traded the 1250 project and cash off and got this beauty. Runs excellent, but will need a stator, regulator, and rebuild the driveshaft. After that, I will go through front to back, take off the heads and clean thorughly. Probably do transmission fluid before the winter. Plans for this tractor will be to use plowing this winter, and retire the ol 1886. Power steering will soon to come on this machine as well.


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Nice machine! It looks like it's nice and straight! :thThumbsU
A little paint and will look like new, my two cents.
Looks a nice machine. Nice straight panels
Nice find,I'm sure you will have it ready to go before winter
Nice trade BK! What are your plans for this one?
Nice trade BK! What are your plans for this one?
Thanks everyone! Plans for this one over the next year will be,

New charging system.
Rebuild Driveshaft.
Might might have to reaseal transmission.
Power steering kit.
Put cozy cab off my 1886 on.
and next year will be paint after I run through mechanics!
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Sounds like fun!
Very nice tractor You have quite the collection going.
Got the HT18 stripped down, doing charging system now. I am converting to 15 amp system from original 30 amp, and I will be mounting a K532, or K582 flywheel on for the 15 amp stator.


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