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New Addition to the 990

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Finally finished up the carry-all for the 990.

Had a bunch of old bed frame rails that my son-in-law gave me, and finally put them to good use. They were pretty rusted, and my little MIG welder doesn't weld too well in rusty old steel - even when well cleaned - so this one is all drilled and bolted together.

Should work well with the 3-pt. lift arms.



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Very nicely done! The electric winch is a great addition too.
Yes, the winch is handy, but that isn't connected to the carry-all. It's just another option. Actually, I use it with the boom-pole. I'll post photos of that, too.

Nice Job Brother !! Gives me ideas ...
Brother Dale - Good to hear from you! Glad you like the carry-all. Gotta make do with what ya got sometimes.
Take care,
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