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new ac 410s owner

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Hello. I'm currently riding a turf power by agway that I seem to work on every time I go to cut my lawn (worn out linkages, pulleys, bearings, etc..). So i put the word out that I was looking for another tractor and 2 weeks later I am told that a guy is scrapping an A.C. and to get there before the weekend and its mine. The tractor looked in excellent condition and he had it running when i got there so I ground some gears and on the trailer it went. Well on and rolled off a few times since the brake lever was siezed. I have a lot to learn about this machine especially the shuttle shift that doesn't seem to be working correctly. I'm look forward to learning about this piece of machinery and hope with your help I can keep it running for another 42 years. Thanks Jason
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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