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new 725

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Hey Folk's,
I do more lurkin' here than posting. Have learned a ton here. I have had a good many suburbans pass through my hands. Got my first db 725 yesterday and I have a few questions.
The tractor I have is 91760629 ser#17393. What year is it. Did it have belt guards on it? How much oil does the rear axel hold ? The belts are rotted off,anyone know what belts I need. How does the reverse work?

The engine #'s are 19-70052-663895. I need a carb kit and points and condenser, where is the best place to obtain these parts.

Many thanks,

Henry t
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pm me your address if you want a belt guard. They are $15 plus shipping. The shipping might be 25$ because I'm lazy and just take them to UPS store. And they are not drilled. You have to drill all the holes yourself.
[/QUOTE] hey If you still have one I’d love to get one off of you sir I know it’s years later but if you got them
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