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new 725

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Hey Folk's,
I do more lurkin' here than posting. Have learned a ton here. I have had a good many suburbans pass through my hands. Got my first db 725 yesterday and I have a few questions.
The tractor I have is 91760629 ser#17393. What year is it. Did it have belt guards on it? How much oil does the rear axel hold ? The belts are rotted off,anyone know what belts I need. How does the reverse work?

The engine #'s are 19-70052-663895. I need a carb kit and points and condenser, where is the best place to obtain these parts.

Many thanks,

Henry t
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Thanks to all of you,

My belt cover is missing, I guess I'll look for that before I spend any money on it. If I could see one I could probley make one.

Thanks again guys

Henry t
thank you all for your help and interest.
I was off work today so I worked on it some. Took the mower deck off,it's in pretty sad shape. took the engine off. the exhaust valve was stuck shut. took the head off,lubed the valve stems and worked with them until I got them freed up. Cleaned the points and I have fire to the plug. The old motor has some end to end play in the crank,is that normal?
Next I think I'll take the clutch apart as it is froze.
This tractor is ruff but so far I haven't found anything beyond repair.

Thank's again for all the help.

Regards, Henry t
I would be proud to buy one of those belt covers that you have.Name your price.
Henry t
Hey again,
Found an easy way to unstick a db clutch. I held the inside pully with a belt and had my buddy use a 3/4 drive impact with a 2 5/8 socket on the big hex on the outer half of the clutch. Worked good.

Mr. Bert, My realease bearing only had 10 balls in it. there is room for at least 2 more balls. Should I add some or reaseamble it with the 10 balls. Do you grease the balls or leave them dry? The clutch thread you did was a big help.
Things are moving along pretty good.
Henry t
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