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new 725

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Hey Folk's,
I do more lurkin' here than posting. Have learned a ton here. I have had a good many suburbans pass through my hands. Got my first db 725 yesterday and I have a few questions.
The tractor I have is 91760629 ser#17393. What year is it. Did it have belt guards on it? How much oil does the rear axel hold ? The belts are rotted off,anyone know what belts I need. How does the reverse work?

The engine #'s are 19-70052-663895. I need a carb kit and points and condenser, where is the best place to obtain these parts.

Many thanks,

Henry t
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Maybe our expert 'Vert" will be by to help you out with model numbers.
It is a '62-64. only 3 yrs for the 725.
I have a '64 myself.
They do have a belt cover, it's a long metal 1 pc cover.
Not sure of belts. I haven't had to buy any yet. The reverse is a disc that engages main pulley and reverses tranny. Can't help ya on that either, mine is missing the assembly.

You can read this thread, it's an earlier one,. but many of the things are the same.
Also do a member search or 69L64vert, he has posted much information on these old tractors
I knew the Vert would come through with info!:fing32:

Good luck finding a cover, I'm in search of reverse parts myself
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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