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New 2305 lighting

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I have to say about the only disappointment I have with my 2305 is the lighting when something is attached to the front. I normally blow snow at about 6:30 AM so it's done before the misses leaves for work. We got our first snow (finally) this week and I could hardly see the edge of the driveway when clearing the drive. Our drive is curved so you really have to stay on it :)

So I bought some Grote lights off ebay. They are designed for equipment like skid loaders and look like they will hold up to the environment pretty well. They are adjustable and the way I mounted them they will swing out the the way if I hit something.

I mounted two forward and one pointing backwards. I ran new wires up to the dash so I could have control over them individually as I didnt think I would like the way Deere has them connected via the auxilary light wiring. The mounting studs are drilled so you can run the wiring through the mounting stud. I drilled 1" holes in the front of the ROPS to get the socket in there and have black 1" caps coming to cap the hole. But it kept all the wiring inside the ROPS.

They are Halogens (I think 55 watt). Bought the switches from Grainger and they are weather proof.

As you can see from the pictures sitting on the seat the before/after the difference is huge.


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Its exactly the same as the other two lights. I just used the OEM hole to mount it.

Removed the outside flasher, mounted the rear light on the inside and ran the wires down through the inside and then remounted the flasher. I did have to open up the large outside hole (hidden by the flasher when mounted) a little to get my socket in the hole.
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i will have to take a closer look at my tractor to see what you are talking about lol
I would take more pictures but wouldn't help beyond what I have posted. Clicking on the first pictures and getting larger version is about as good as it gets. Everything you need to see is covered up !

Take a look at yours and you will see what I mean.
Thats a great bracket and using it for the garbage can is a good deal also. slkpk
Very nice job on the lights! 1st photo really showed how poorly the stock lights are and that they aren't mounted where they do any great good with front attachments.
I got the factory light kit, then replaced the lights because I wasn't happy with the output. I added Hella work lamps with 2 55w bulbs per lamp, and still use the factory kit for the rear light. I can tell you that having all 5 55w bulbs lit will blow the fuse, but 4 won't. Eventually I'll either run a new circuit from the battery or just go to LEDs. Your set up looks good. I like the swing away.
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21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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