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Here are some pictures. It came with a mower deck and ag tires. I mounted the turf tires on.

It runs good with no knocks or smoke.

As soon as I got it off the trailer I mowed my back field. It cut great and was more fun than I’ve had mowing before. Just as I finished I realized the deck blades were not spinning. I found a pulley on the lawn and it is the right mule pulley. The bearing seized and snapped the bolt.

I pressed out the bearing before researching and ruined the pulley! Didn’t know to drill and separate the halves!

I need help with part numbers for the pulley for the 140 mule.

All lights work but the voltmeter does not move. I’ll check to verify charge with a voltmeter to rule out the meter or regulator.

It has zero braking with the pedals down but there is some material left on the pads- can I adjust the brakes or could there be too much pad worn away?

I wish to add a sleeve hitch and rear pto and need advice.

I am looking at a little buck front loader for it.

I will change the fluids on it- what should I use for oil weight and hydraulic? I only located a filter on the transmission.

The mule is missing the plastic knob, protective cover, and legend- I’ll order those parts.

This is likely repetitive material for the forum but any advice on what I’ve listed would be appreciated.



1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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