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I am normally a Case only guy and I have lots of experience with them. I taught myself how to do everything it takes to revive a Case including engine overhauls.

A guy with a John Deere tractor asked me to overhauls the engine in his 316. It's a Kohler K321 so I said sure I can do it. Getting the engine it of these things is much harder. The engine is cradled in some support brackets. The vibration dampening system is impressive looking. But, you have to pull the engine just to change the starter. The coil is in the same area and even that would be very hard to change. Then just to check your air filter you almost have to remove the front grill.

I never realized that all these tractor like this one where the engine crank is perpendicular to the frame just how much more work they are for certain repairs.

At least with the exhaust and flywheel exposed you can easily change your muffler bearings and put new flies on your wheel.
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