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Needs Some information on this Case tractor

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Hello - I am looking at buying the Case tractor pictured here at the auction tomorrow. It currently isn't running but I was wondering if one of the Case gurus on the forum could tell me if I can still get parts for it and what model it is. I would appreciate it. The serial number is: VA05164555

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It's a VA series, parts availability is very good on these tractors.
Thanks for the information. Any idea what something like that is worth (or what you would pay)? Its not running at the moment but appears to be in good physical condition. thanks
Just my opinion, but I wouldn't give very much, $300 tops. I'd be a little wary of the front end, from the picture it doesn't look like a Case item.
Matches up pretty fair with this '48 VAC, including what I can make out with the front end.

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ahh... about that color.... :D :D :D

What are your uses going to be for it? I dont belive they came with a 3point hitch on these.
Thanks for the info guys. Unfortunately the bidders at the auction were a bit more set on owning this than I was and I let it go. There was no indication of whether or not it would run and there was little inspection time so I didn't want to commit to it. It went for close to $1,000 after auction fees and you can buy a 9N off of Craigslist in good running condition for $2500 in my area.
I was going to use it for general yard care and tinkering. I have a skid steer for the other chores. I guess I am back in the hunt - thanks again
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I think that you were right to pass. Case VA's are well worthy of restoration, but for $1000 I'd want for it at least to run.

Here's my '49 VAC

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Hey guys,I know this was almost a month ago.
But it might have brought more because it was an orchard version.
The "O" signified orchard.I'm not sure if a lot were sold without all the sheet metal you normally think of or if they all got scraped.But I have seem several with the normal clam shell fenders.
Terry T
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