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Needing to add 2 lights to x540. Help

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I have an x540 and will be mounting 2 additional lights for night operation. My headlight bulbs are the upgraded 35 watt halogen. I am wondering what is the largest size lights 35 watt or 50 watt I can use with out over loading the charging system? I don't run any other electrical items on the tractor. Thanks in advance.
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forget the halogens you will not have enough power to run them. go to and order some LED's they use much less power and are much brighter. you can get a MTF dicount too if I remember right. for example. I have 2 sets on my cab and I can run my stock hood lights. I could probably add a third set if i wanted to.
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Your charging system is 13~15 amps on your machine.

It take around 5 amps for the PTO and ignition circuit, 6 amps for the head light, you end up with 2~3 amps left.

So LED lights is your only option. :fing32:
I run two 55W halogen flood lights on my X540 without a single problem. I run the front one with on when ever the headlights are on during the winter. The second one faces the rear and only comes on when in reverse (it is also wired for manual over ride and I can force it one with the switch).
The X540 may have a 20 amp alternator which would give a little more room for lighting and things. At least all of the after market sourced FD731V I found show a 20 Amp alternator.

I guess JD could have there version spec'd lower though.:dunno:
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usually when calcing wattage, folks use 12 volts.

but most charging systems in good shape will output 14.5+ Vdc... if your motor puts out 14.5 then you get a couple extra watts to play with!

do you need the headlights and the additional lights on at the same time??

When I put two 55 watters in the corrrect place (on the cab) I did not need my headlights on (at the same time) anymore so had no voltage problems including the beacon (1amp) and the wiper (2amps)... with my 15 amp charging circuit... and I didn't get "porked" for the good LEDs... :)

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