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Need to Modify Murray for Tiller

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Have an 18 HP Murray, 10 years old, running fine and just got a Garden Way 28" tiller attachment ($30) :thThumbsU . Wondering if this is "good" match in terms of size of Tractor to tiller.

The tiller is a model 14006 and has a hookup that has a mounting bracket. Approximately 15" across. Cant find any reference to it anyware. What receives this bracket? The mower frame is 12.6" wide.

Could there be a "universal" bracket that this uses to bolt to the Murray? It has two inverted hooks on top and a slide pin on the bottom.

I'm hoping that once I get it mounted, the pulley system from the mower deck and the lift lever from the deck will be utilized for the tiller. Can someone verify this?

Any input on this bracket or modification for the tractor to "accept" the tiller would be greatly appreciated!



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it appears that that tiller is not for your machine, i would think it requires a LOT of fabrication to make it work.
That tiller looks great but it is designed to be driven off the tractor from the looks of the pulleys on it. Don't see any corresponding pulleys on the Murray though. These smaller tractors are not like bigger ones with standard 3pt hitches and ptos. I took a tiller that was supposed to be run off my gt14 (a 900# small garden tractor) and put an engine on it to make it self-powered. You could go that direction. I don't know if the Murray is beffy enough to take the pounding the tiller will give. A gear drive would be best on the tractor.
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The belt drive comes from underneath for the tiller, couldn't I remove the mower deck and utilize the drive belt for the deck and the lift lever from the deck?

Thanks for the input!!
The main drive pulley used for the mower deck may be at the wrong height to allow the drive belt to successfully pass underneath the rear axle. Additionally, the rotation of the main drive pulley may be opposite to that which is needed for the proper rotation of the tines.
I like the idea of adding an additional engine to the tiller, but the added weight and the bouncing around of the tiller maybe too much for your tractor, if it is not specifically designed for it.

Any thought about mounting it on the front of the tractor? The main drive pulley might be more accessible, but the stress is still there..
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