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need to know what i got

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i have had this tractor for a year now and just from lookin on here it is a brute of a tractor i think its a 74 st/16 but not sure the model number is 917 25751 and iam need a starter for it an dwould like to know what i got if it is worth fixin up and runnin.
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Welcome to MTF, by the model number it is a 1973 ss16 twin, yes, it is worth fixing up. post a picture of it.
thank you and i will try and get them up today if not they should be up tomorow.
i looked at pictures of the twin ss 16 and i dont have the gas tank under my seat my camera is all buggerd up so i cant get picutres up yet it looks more like the st 16
Hello and :Welcome1: from western WI! :howdy:

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