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Need spindles for my GT19.9

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I bought a GT19.9 a few months ago and I noticed a little noise from one of the deck spindles and found a destroyed spindle when I checked it out today. The deck is #917253582 and the mandrels or spindles are no longer available on sears parts direct so does anyone know where I could get replacement spindles ? I'll take good used spindles or new, I just want to get it back in action.
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If you need the outer spindles I can probably help you out with a couple of good used ones.. The center spindle is going to be the tough one to find.

It is possible the rebuild the ones you have if they aren't totally destroyed. You might stop by a machine shop and see what it would cost.

Used ones sometime come up for sale on ebay, or you can check out craigslist for a good used mower deck and rob the spindles out of it.

good luck and let me know if the outer ones are what you need.
Hey I sent a PM with some pictures. Let me know what you think.


1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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