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Hi all - going from the premise that there are no dumb questions, I'm looking for someone in my area to school me in proper operation of my new-to-me 2305 with FEL. Up to now the biggest "tractor" I've owned was a JD 335 with 54-inch MMM. and have never even TOUCHED a loader joystick or used any 3-point equipment.

The FEL is the item I'm most worried about. I don't want any accidents. I've been reading A LOT of info about ballast / loaded tires / wheel weights... etc and in one post it was out-and-out recommended to get someone in his area that would be willing to come over and show them the ins-and-outs of his machine.

I thought that is an outstanding idea. I'm in the Blair, NE area and am hoping someone is close that can clue me in as to what I have / need / and could dream about for my unit to maximize it's use on my property. I bought the tractor used from a private individual - so I'm not sure if the local Dealer would be willing...... and the original owner was moving out-of-state which is why he sold.

Uses will be:

landscaping / dirt / gravel / woodpile work

mowing 4-acres of pasture

Equipment I have:

2305 / 200CX / 62"MMM / Frontier rear blade / 9" post-hole auger

Even proper set-up of a mowing deck took some research and AFTER the second time I got my 335 to mow a nice cut w/o windrows or scalping. But that FEL has me a bit concerned.

So all the posted advice is welcome and if anybody who reads this and lives close wouldn't mind schooling me that would really be appreciated.
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