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Need some rear tires? Great sale going on!

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Hey everyone. I needed rear tires for my "new to me" RER and went to tractor supply to get some tubes. While there I noticed the tires weren't priced too bad but I checked online out of habit while standing there and saw that Walmart had lowered the price of their tires to a crazy $16.65. I grabbed the tires that matched the pictured tread and tractor supply price matched. Went to discount tire and paid $8 for mounting, took the old tires to the dump myself for free.

Here's the Walmart listing.

Great chance to get your mower ready for this coming year!
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Schroll down on that link page and see reduced prices on about 3 pages of other size tires.
I didnt notice that! Even better for any others with a lawn tractor that may need tires! I bought two snappers (I will likely post about my newfound snapper hobby at some point after I figure out which of the two I am keeping) and I put tires on the one two weeks ago and thought I was getting a steal when I price matched at tractor supply the same tires but Walmart had them for 25 each. Imagine my surprise when I went in today to get tubes for and saw the tires were $16! Makes me very happy as whichever of the two I am not going to keep will be getting sold and I can advertise new tires when I planned on just mentioning the tubes. The tubes were nearly the same price unless I ordered online, especially when the current 30 year old tires are so bad and rotten.
My snapper rear engine rider. Those are the back tires for my particular mower (and most similar snappers I imagine). As Forest mentions, it seems they are currently having quite the sale on all sorts of sizes that most any mower would use.

Just a quick search on the Ariens GT20 (judging by your username) shows the tires to be: Lawn/turf front: 16-6.50x8. Lawn/turf rear: 23-10.50x12 So these tires I linked would be your front tires. Your back tires are larger.
Oh no, not good. I wonder why Tractor Supply wouldnt match the pricing. Their website states very strongly that they refuse to be beat. Maybe a call or chat to their customer service would help. Seems like it was a bad call on the managers part to deny it.

I have had my own run ins with Walmart being wrong, especially since they have a "marketplace" where anyone can sell products and Walmart doesnt have to stand behind them.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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