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Need some rear tires? Great sale going on!

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Hey everyone. I needed rear tires for my "new to me" RER and went to tractor supply to get some tubes. While there I noticed the tires weren't priced too bad but I checked online out of habit while standing there and saw that Walmart had lowered the price of their tires to a crazy $16.65. I grabbed the tires that matched the pictured tread and tractor supply price matched. Went to discount tire and paid $8 for mounting, took the old tires to the dump myself for free.

Here's the Walmart listing.

Great chance to get your mower ready for this coming year!
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I may pick up a few sets of tires in the 4Ply. I prefer 4 ply vs. 6 ply for load rating and sidewall durability to age and weather cracking.
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