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Need some FF 3 point measurments

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Well i'm thinking about just building a set of lift arms and lift links for my FF18.

I was hoping someone might have a FF and get some pics and measurments of the off set on the lift arm, how far from the tractor the offset it is, and howlong the lift arm is in total length.


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Go to the FF yahoo group and look in the files there is a Diagram on building a 3 Pt hitch that has the info you need.
i already have a 3piont plow and disk harrow.. but I'm in need of the dimensions on the lift arm and lift link specific to the FF...

The FF is 15 inches apart on the rear axle where the arms hookup and the full 20 at the end of the arms on for a CAT0.. i'm just not sure where the 2.5 inch offset starts on the lift arm, and how long the lift arm is from the axle to the tip.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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