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Need some 400 information

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I'm looking for a project tractor, and a 400 could be a possibility. From what I remember, it seemed to me that the 400 turning radius was not as tight as the 420 or 430's I used a long time ago.
Tractor data lists turning radius for 420/430 at 2.2 feet but no info on the 400.

Does anyone have a manual or spec sheet for a 400 that would be willing to look it up ?

Also I'd like to know if the later (79-82 ? ) 400 had tighter turning than the '75 -78 models ?

Were there any other changes from early to late 400's that you guys can think of besides the stripe and number color on the side of the hood ?

It's been a long time since my experience with these and I'd appreciate your help. Thanks
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I have a 400 and you have to turn the wheel a million times to get the front wheels to turn. I looked at a 420 and the turning radius seemed like it was tighter, but I dont know if it was only because the steering ratio is much quicker. I will check on that for ya:00000057:
The 420,430 also have hand hydro control knob and right and left braking capabilities. The 400 didn't come with the posi-track button buy the right foot heel.
Took tractor out today, I marked the ground next to my left rear tire outside edge, I then turned steering wheel to the left all the way then proceeded to drive in a circle. that circle measured 8 feet across. Keep in mind that my tires are set wide,weights,chains and snow blower. Dont know if that will help you in your decision or not
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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