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Need some 400 information

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I'm looking for a project tractor, and a 400 could be a possibility. From what I remember, it seemed to me that the 400 turning radius was not as tight as the 420 or 430's I used a long time ago.
Tractor data lists turning radius for 420/430 at 2.2 feet but no info on the 400.

Does anyone have a manual or spec sheet for a 400 that would be willing to look it up ?

Also I'd like to know if the later (79-82 ? ) 400 had tighter turning than the '75 -78 models ?

Were there any other changes from early to late 400's that you guys can think of besides the stripe and number color on the side of the hood ?

It's been a long time since my experience with these and I'd appreciate your help. Thanks
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The later 420, 430 etc tractors have a tighter turning radius than the old 400. The 400 has a hand control hydro, and dual foot brakes. Keep in mind that attachments for the later 4XX series tractor will not fit on the front of the older 400, The 400 attachments are pretty much unique to that tractor, it is actually a little bigger than the later 4xx series machines.
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