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Need schooled on a Ford 801

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It's been a while since I've been around here but I have come across what seems to be a good deal on a Ford 801. I did a search on here and didn't really come up with anything specific. Maybe I was searching wrong, I don't know.

Anyway, a family friend has a 801 that he wants to sell me for $1000. It is pretty rough as far as paint and he said it had a leak in the tank he patched with JB weld and he rebuilt the carb. It needs new front tires but the rears are in real good shape. He says it will start and run and has been converted to 12v. It also comes with a 5' box blade. I've been told they can easily bring $3000 in running condition. Anyone agree?

Oh, as far as details and specs on this tractor. I have read anywhere from 44-49hp. Sound accurate? Did anyone make a FEL for these things?

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Thanks for the replies. Sorry I haven't been back here. I guess my yahoo mail has been dumping the reply notifications in my spam folder and I didn't know it.

I am not sure exactly which 801 series model it is yet. I should be getting it within a week or two.

I do know it is a 5spd transmission and has a controllable PTO. Not sure what that is called "live PTO" maybe. you can engage and disengage it with a lever.

JohnW, thanks for the link, i will check it out.

According to the link JohnW gave me, and what I can remember about it, it is a 861 model.
Well I picked up my tractor. ran some numbers and it is a 1957 851. It came with the 6' box blade (no rippers though) I gave a $1000 for it. I don't think I got hurt, but after I got it off the trailer at home yesterday, it up and died on me. Definitely a carburetor problem because I can get it to run with b-12. I'm gonna tear into a rebuild this afternoon, I hope.
Thanks for the avatar. Yes I have good fuel flow to the carb inlet. The bowl is not filling up so I suspect the float is stuck shut. I rebuild carbs all the time so its not a big deal but I hope I can get it running today without a kit. I hate waiting on parts. I'm going to try and find some used rippers. I checked atwoods yesterday for new ones and they want $40 a piece for them. I can buy a complete used box blade for $100 more than a new set of rippers.
Got the carb rebuilt this morning before our soccer games. It's running like a champ again. Now I have to fix a couple oil leaks. Then I'm going to be using the crap out of it!
I'm confused. I hope someone can clear this up for me. My tractor is for sure a model 851. According to my serial number it is a 1957 model. But according to a parts catalog I have, they only made the 801 series from 1958-1962. And that the serial number I have (115xx don't recall the last two numbers off hand) is a 800 series. Unfortunately between 1957 and 1958 there were a lot of parts changes according to the catalog I have.

Knowing it is a 851, should I consider ALL my parts are for 1958-62 tractors and forget the serial number reference?

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