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Need R wheels!

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Looking for R wheels with the small bolt pattern in front. 6 bolt, 4" center hole or close and 5" bolt circle. 7/16" holes and metal is flat, not tapered there. What ya got? Have to be willing to ship to IN or maybe can work out pick-up with others?

Also might look at rears. Would like 36 for 38" or maybe others if have 9 bolt centers. Narrower the better. If are not 38, best to have tires on them, little harder to find those. I know Deere wheels are same and easier to find maybe if all the pullers haven't swiped them up. again narrow, want to run 9 or 10 inch tires if I can, will look at others tho, up to 12" or so. Won't want shipping on those tho, ha!
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Well, adapted a Z axle over to the R. Was easy there. Will be looking over shows for 9-bolt wheels, most likely 38" and tires to go with now. Need to be narrow wheels for say 9 or 10" tires, maybe 11.2 at most.
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