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need price advice.....Allis Chalmers B-207

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I realize this is a AC tractor but its basically a Simplicity.

Seller is asking $250. Tractor needs PTO to deck belt

Any thoughts on the asking price?

Per ad :
Allis Chalmers B-207
The tractor is in excellent and original condition. The motor is new and the seat has been redone, other than that it is in original condition. There is no rust and every thing works. It must have been kept inside for most of it's life. It would make a great show tractor. It is in better condition than probably any other tractor from that era. It is the most rare tractor that Allis Chalmers made. It even has the original tires, if that tells you how well it was taken care of. This is a great collectable but it is also fully functional and it can cut the grass just fine.

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AC version of the Broadmoor.Neat little tractor,make him an offer if it runs good!We need to get Allis Chalmers in the title here! :fing32:
They are wrong about the B-207 being the "rarest." But but I would probably buy it for that price. It is very clean, hard to find them that nice.
Looks like its been repowered. Still a neat mower for $250 in working order.

Looks like its been repowered. Still a neat mower for $250 in working order.

yeah, repowered with what ?
but still looks good for $250
I would buy it in a heartbeat, if I didn't live in Texas. It looks really clean and straight. Then I would re-power it back to original. Then I would probably have more invested in it than it could be sold for. But who's counting? I love my rusty, missing the grill screen, not original engine or tires B207. By the way, what model is the "rarest"?
The small frame Allis B series ised a different transaxle than the Simplicity counterparts.

Other than the fact that Simplicity rear attachments will not fit, it is still a nice series of tractor.

The later model Homesteader series was more like the Simps.

And if you want a rare early small frame Allis, here is a B-7.


I would offer 200.00 because it does not have the orig engine. Depends on how bad you want it. If it is that clean, and the deck looks as clean. It is probably worth the 250.00.
Thats just my 2 cents :)
If I am not mistaken the seat is worth darn near his asking price if you find the right guy... IF it is original and in great shape AND it is like the b series...
I don't believe the B207 or B208 or the Homesteader have a Simplicity counterpart. From what I can tell they were all Allis designs built in the Allis plant in Lexington SC.
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