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Need input on JD Tractors preferred

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Hi Folks;
I bought a 1967 JD 1020 Diesel 15-20 years ago, that was supposedly just 'rebuilt'. I failed to ask if a JD dealer had rebuilt the engine, and after a few months use, a rod went through the engine block at just over 1800 RPM. My local JD dealer replaced the 33 HP short-block with a later version (a few more horses) and it was a workhorse for the light tasks asked of it for about 12-14 years after. I made a mistake, ...and sold it last year, thinking I would update to a late-model when the need occurred.

The need has occurred, and in my research for 'updating', seasoned green machine users of the 44-99 HP variety seem to provide a consensus of; "My blood runs Green, but I wouldn't have one of the later-model pieces of crap!" I prefer a horsier tractor than the 1020, and looking at the models from 2040 to 2640 seems like the vintage of tractor I would prefer (1979 and below for Iowa-made, as in 1980 engines and other components in this size range began manufacture elsewhere). I only need 2WD, and prefer a manual transmission over the hydro. I have found a righteous 2640 in great shape with a nice pedigree, and I'm thinking that would be the high-end regarding size, but the price is $13,000. Seeing 2040's and 2440's at much less, but would have to travel too much to inspect, and the owner's had no history on the machines.

The 1020 weighed about 5K, while the 2640 is closer to 7.5K, and with a loader and Bush Hog, would puch my 5th wheel trailer's capacity.
The general use will include light cultivation (small acreage) and light construction as needed. (Uses for tilling, bush hogging; will add a loader; prefer remote hydraulics at the PTO and possibly at the Boom, plus would like to add a quick-attach assembly on the Boom).

What I'm asking is what models in this size range and vintage should I stay away from, or which may have a high reliability rating over the others?
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