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Need help with Toro walk behind blower.

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Hello guys. I had posted another question about this situation in another thread, got that resolved and now this one came up. I got my walk behind back from my neighbor last week. I had to change the rope and repair the recoil on it (which I did), and change the oil in it so I could give it to my brother. Got all of that done, and now it won't stay running properly. Runs for about 30 seconds, then just shuts off. I'm guessing this is a dirty/gummed up carb. Do you think my guess is correct? I see the neighbor also left some gas in the tank which I'm sure was bad, so I dumped that out and put in fresh gas, same thing happens when I get it started as before I changed the gas. Any ideas? Thanks for help in advance fellas!
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If it has a low oil shutoff, check your oil level.

If not, try cracking the gas cap and see if that helps.
I was just out there messing with it some more, and as long as I prime it it runs until (I'm guessing) that the gas that was primed runs out, then it stops every time. I re-prime it, and it will start right back up again and run for 30 seconds or so and shut off again. This just leads me to believe that my suspicions are correct, that the carb is messed up and needs to be cleaned or rebuilt. Does this sound right? The oil is find (and brand new), as I just changed it yesterday.
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Did you check for a fuel shut-off valve just under the tank , possibly out of site.
I would start by pulling the fuel line off the carb and using a bottle to catch the gas see how good the fuel flow is. If it starts out great then goes to a trickle, then do as red suggested and open the gas cap to see if flow improves.
My guess is the holes in the nut on the bottom of the carb are clogged. You can most likely get away with leaving the carb on the engine and just remove the nut on the bottom and the bowl. Just a bowl and nut gasket will be a lot cheaper than a whole kit.

Is this an adjustable carb or not?

Is it a Tecumseh? I forget already :)
Search for Tecumseh there and you will at least have an idea of what to expect. He has a lot of carbs he takes apart.
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it probably runs for 5 seconds and not 30 seconds.

if so, it is the jet.

the main jet is clogged which it typical for these crappy tecumseh motors.

yes, i said crappy. these engines suck.
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