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Need help with Snapper repair parts for walk behind mower

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Hi alltogether. First of all: I'm from Germany, thus please excuse my mistakes...
Now my question:
I bought a Snapper Commercial 21500 walk behind mower with a Wisconsin Robin WI 185V engine.
Now it's time for a little inspection and replacement of some wear parts.
Because Snapper is not very popular in Germany these parts are here extremely expensive. For example "00" grease (about 6,60$ in US) is sold for 68Euro (means 89$)!
This is why I'd like to buy my parts in US, despite of high shipping costs and customs. Now I need your help.
I need a shop/onlinestore, which:
- has a wide range of snapper parts or can order them
- ships worldwide and with precalculation of costs
- accepts paypal

Do you have any good idea where to buy (I already used google for hours, but found nothing, that really satisfied me).
Or is here any willing person and/or Snapper dealer around, who would send parts over the ocean? I already looked in the sponsor area, but found nothing that sound right to me...

Hope this is the right area for my request. If not, please switch it to another discussion area.
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Anyone out there who can tell me the difference between the Mulcherizer-Kit and a simple Ninja-Blade?
The Mulcherizer has a stationary expanded metal grid mounted above the blade to further assist in grinding leaves. Never saw one in person because I like things "simple" as possible under the deck! (Sounds like any moisture in the cut material would be prone to plugging to me?) Below are a couple of views of a well used Ninja blade from my '96 Snapper. Notice one set of blades has the tips turned down with a sharpened end. BTW, it has to be used with the discharge plugged for any decent performance.

The design of the blade gives very little "lift", but concentrates on keeping the clippings under the deck longer and providing horizontal PLUS vertical cutting edges. Works GOOOOOD! I did a comparison last year between the Ninja and an Oregon "Gator" mulching blade (don't' know availability in The Land of the Black Forest:D) and the Ninja won hands down on lawn covered with Autumn maple and oak leaves.


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I did not find the Ninja to require any more power than spinning my regular Snapper blade with the add-on lift wings. In fact I think it uses less under heavy load. Sharper the blade is kept the less power will be used. I'm not hands on familar with either of those "-izers" but the "Ninja Blade System", the special blade and fitted discharge plate will grind up any grass I've ever used it on.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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