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Need help with Snapper repair parts for walk behind mower

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Hi alltogether. First of all: I'm from Germany, thus please excuse my mistakes...
Now my question:
I bought a Snapper Commercial 21500 walk behind mower with a Wisconsin Robin WI 185V engine.
Now it's time for a little inspection and replacement of some wear parts.
Because Snapper is not very popular in Germany these parts are here extremely expensive. For example "00" grease (about 6,60$ in US) is sold for 68Euro (means 89$)!
This is why I'd like to buy my parts in US, despite of high shipping costs and customs. Now I need your help.
I need a shop/onlinestore, which:
- has a wide range of snapper parts or can order them
- ships worldwide and with precalculation of costs
- accepts paypal

Do you have any good idea where to buy (I already used google for hours, but found nothing, that really satisfied me).
Or is here any willing person and/or Snapper dealer around, who would send parts over the ocean? I already looked in the sponsor area, but found nothing that sound right to me...

Hope this is the right area for my request. If not, please switch it to another discussion area.
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Hey guys!
Thanks a lot for your instant help.
Seems to be possible at and accepts no paypal...

One more question.
Anyone out there who can tell me the difference between the Mulcherizer-Kit and a simple Ninja-Blade?
What makes the difference, except the price?
thanks for your answer.
I thought the Snapperizer is for leaves and the Mulcherizer is for grass.
But if I understand you right my assumption was wrong.
To specify my needs.
I don't want to cut leaves, only grass, which I don't want to catch, but to stay (as fine as possible, to be decomposed fast) on the lawn.
The grass on my place can be long (not always a lawn, sometimes more like a "hayfield", it's an orchard) and will always be cut on highest level. Its somehow rough for the mower.
I worry a little bit that the Ninja-blade will needs some more power than the regular blade, because the long grass stays longer under the deck (hope you understand me). If this happens with my old mower it will sometimes stand still.
When I read your text I think for my use a regular blade and a side chute is better.
What do you suggest me to use?
honestly you would be better off using another mower for cutting thick heavy grass as the snapper tends to clog VERY easily. the gator blade is the only blade that does all 3 jobs on a snapper with any degree of satisfaction. it mulches great -side shoots great and bags well too.
That's a problem with every walk behind mower in combination with high grass, I think. The Snapper should be allright, 5HP is a lot, thus I'm sure it'll work out.
OK, I think I'll buy a new regular blade or this Gator blade and a side chute (now i only have a HiVac). I have to see how heavy my parcel will be with all the other parts (international shipping 5pounds 45$, WOW) and if there is some weight left for a blade. If not I'll buy a regular blade here in Germany...that's nearly the only Snapper parts that are not very expensive over here.
Thanks for all the help!
It's great to have so many helpful experts or and specialists around here!

I'll take a look on the chute when I get it and decide then what to do.

Are there any parts on the Mower or engine known for problems (after some years of use), which should be therefore replaced like the cable pull, or whatever that could be.
If there are some I could directly order these parts alltogether. Better spend some more money now and have a perfect working mower for the next years than spending money and time every year...
One thing I noticed are the ball bearings from the wheels which do not really serve their purpose and will need at least a lot of grese to work proper. Right now they are nearly "dry".
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