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Need Help with my SS/16 Twin

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I bought a 917.25752, the guy i got it from didn't take very good care of it, I need some pictures of were the throttle cable hooks to the engine and the governor set up, I'm not sure if everything is there. Also need a picture of were the idler pulley bracket mounts to the battery tray. The battery tray, muffler and gas tank was missing, thanks to katoranger i have those parts on the way.

Also went to check the oil and no dip stick, just a cap. If anyone has one they would like to sell please let me know.

The guy claims it runs fine, he was gravity feeding gas from a jug to it and seems to have the throttle cable connected directly to the carb and bypassing the governor.

And just my luck, doesn't have the downloadable manual for it :(

Im restoring it back to orginal working condition and will be using it on our small farm. It does have the manual 3pt and i did get the plow,disc,front blade,spike Harrow,chain drag and tractor for $275


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I think Hugh SS16 has the same model of SS16 tractor. He said he was restoring his so it might be a simple time to take some of the hard to reach areas you mentioned.
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Thanks i will contact Hughs and see if he can point me in the right direction :) I am looking forward to getting it running, have a lot of work to do on the farm and the tractor is really needed.
I can get you pics in the morning just give me a ring or txt and remind me 8607713872
Well i got all the parts i was missing from member Katoranger here on the forum, You all are great folks :) Everything arrived yesterday so this weekend is going to be spent putting it all together and getting it running.

My choke cable was froze but i was able to get it freed up and working by soaking it in wd-40, it works smooth now.

I will post some pics as i work on it, it was missing the muffler,gas tank,battery tray and dip stick, just had a cap and no stick.

Motor is not froze up as i can turn it by hand and if feels like it has compression. Hope to have it running by sunday evening.
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And just my luck, doesn't have the downloadable manual for it :(
Nice tractor, get her running good & you'll have a real workhorse there.

Here's a link to the manual for ya.

SS/16 Manual.

BTW, you won't find manuals on sears website for the older stuff, if it's over 10 years old, chances are slim that they'll have anything more than the parts breakdown.

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Thank you Dave for the manual, just what i needed :) I cant wait to get it up and running, we are in our monsoon season and getting a lot of rain, the blade and drag are going to get a work out fixing our driveway lol
Update on my tractor, i ended up having to totally rewire it, all the wiring was bad, had to order a new ignition switch, she turns over fine and will start and run if i put gas in the carb, seems the fuel pump isn't picking it up. Is a fuel pump rebuild kit available or one from a different model that will work on the ss/16T?
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I would start by cleaning the tank, replacing the fuel hose and filter.

If you haven't done this.

The next item would be a carb cleaning with NEW gaskets when reassembled.

There are two "rebuild" kits sold. One includes the reed valve and is more expensive.

Be careful when you take the carb apart. The 1/4 in thick plastic layer is the valve assembly is worth about $80. The fuel hose connects to it and if you try to remove the old hadened hose without cutting, the nipple will break off requiring a new valve.

Carb kits can be bought from or "gary's place" in hope, MI

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Loosen thne screws to the fuel pump, spray wd40, pb blaster, 3in1 any kind of oil u got in there, to get the gaskets wet. Then while cranking put your hand over the opening in the carb with the aircleaner assembly off also while cranking this will create enough vaccumm to prime the pump and should start working wayyyyy cheaper than rebuilding it has worked on all of my onans so far.
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Thanks for the video, thats great!! Fuel line is brand new and i had it going right into a gas jug, im still cleaning out the tank. I will give the wd-40 a shot and hope that does the trick.

Thanks for the replies, you folks are awesome :)
I'm glad to help if I can. The new fuel line & filter is now always the first step for me. The last ss18 I bought had holes on the fuel line under the frame and a second fuel filter hidden under the frame.

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Thanks so much 78searsloader :) worked like a charm. I subscribed to your channel also, alot of great video's, keep them coming lol
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