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need help with m5 and m670

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ok, so I got in way over my head but I thought it would be a good idea to save these poor old tractors. been sitting in a field for maybe 25 years ( really!) and I'm trying to get them out of there. cut down all the trees etc and tried to pull them out but they wont roll. how do I get them into neutral? the M5 has a broken shift lever ( I think it was in 2nd) and the m670 shift lever wont move. clutch on m5 can be depressed, hard to do, but does not spring back. m670 clutch depresses easily...but doesn't feel like there is anything there. in addition to shift lever, there is a lever on the right side ( on both) that attached to side of transmission and appears to have two positions, but neither frees up the tractor. can someone please educate me on how to get these guys into neutral ( as well as any other harder items like pulling tranny top off to move shift forks, etc) so I can get them to a new home??? thank you!
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If you are under a time constraint, or just want to get them moved, you might consider making/using dollies under the wheels to move them.

thank you for the suggestion. I wish it was that easy. the ground surrounding the tractors is full of stumps and now cut down trees which would make it difficult if not impossible to roll the tractors. I do believe I can pull them out if I can just get them into neutral, but cannot figure out how to do that. could you or someone please instruct me on how to get them into neutral? sounds incredibly basis I know, but without any data or documentation I cant figure it out.
I know nothing about those tractors. Another idea, depending on how exactly the rear axle is made, you might be able to pull out the axle, which would let the rear wheels spin freely. You'd want to have a bucket to catch some oil coming out, but if it uses a floating axle (so the wheel mounts on a hub that has bearings and rides on the axle itself, and the axle is only used for propulsion), it would let you roll the tractor. It probably has an open diff, so even just removing one would let it roll.

But, it depends on the axle/diff. You want to be sure of this before undoing anything, as if it's wrong, the wheel can fall on you and then the tractor on the wheel...
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