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Need help with ingy 222 L50 plow blade, please..

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wondering if anybody has or can get the measurements i require for the parts i am missing to a L50 plow i bought.
The lift rod part #c23841 and the adaptor plate part #c25382.
They both look like very easy to fab parts, just need some measurements to make it happen. Could not get this info from ingersoll because the parts are still available but pricey, working on budget so any help would be appreciated. Or if anybody has these two pieces for a deal, Thanks!:thanku:
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I'll get some pics and measurements this weekend for ya...tractors are at my friends house..
The lift rod is 24.5" center to center with a 5/8" pin on one end and a hole on
the other. I have made these from scrap 3/4" heavy wall water pipe or black pipe with no problems. If you have a torch just heat up to cherry red about 4" on each end, flatten them with a heavy hammer. When you flatten the ends, flatten one end then roll it 180 degrees and flatten the opposite end as depicted in the parts PDF. Drill the holes on 24.5" centers, weld a 5/8" x 1.5" pin in one end and spray it with some power red paint. Attached is a PDF of the C25382 plate provided by a gentleman named Bill H. There were actually 3 plate designs made with a slight difference in the number of holes but I'm confident this one will work fine. Hope this helps you ....


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Thanks so much guys, i owe you both one, and fast replies to boot.
I think mtf is now invaluable to feed my addiction to tractors and info there in.

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1991 Ingersoll 222
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and countless project and parts tractors............
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