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Need help with Echo SM-230

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I've never really been familiar with 2 stroke motors, so I'm at a bit of a loss of where to even start tinkering with this thing. It's about 2.5 years old, still on the first full winding of string, and only on it's 3rd tank of gas - not much grows in these parts, even the weeds.

Anyhow, it won't idle any more. Yesterday was only the second time I've used it this year (I tol' ya we're parched ;) ), and it won't idle. As long as the throttle is 1/4 open or more, she runs like a champ. Let go of the throttle, and it dies.

The gas is old, which could be the whole problem. It was treated with Seafoam when mixed, and I used the Echo oil which claims to have fuel stabilizers in it, but the fact remains that it was originally mixed in the spring of '08.

I know the first step would be fresh gas, but is that likely to be my last step, or should I be preparing for something else?
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Pour out that old stuff,put you full tank of high test in it[of course mixed right with a good mix oil,I use echo oil],that would be number one,,than check your air filter,clean it,,if you wash it in soapy water,,rinse very good and let dry all the way before putting it back on,,that would be number 2.,,,than you would be ready for maybe 3 and 4!:drunkie:
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He must be really afraid of wasting gas???
Dump the old fuel and try a fresh batch 1st.
:ditto:and make new every spring and don't leave gas in it when you are storing it for the winter!
Yes, replace your gas first by all means. In the fall I get rid of my old 2 cycle fuel by running it through the tractor.
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