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Need Help With Condenser Hookup On ONAN P220

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I need help with voltage regulator condenser for my ONAN P220.

When I got new condenser/regulator a couple months ago I hooked the condenser up like the last one, which was to the negative side of coil.

Is this correct, or do I need to run the condenser wire to the positive side of coil?

I've heard where it's hooked to positive(+)side of coil, but the old condenser was hooked to negative(-) side and mower started/ran good for last 3yrs. So I'm confused now on hookup and I put in a lot of new parts.

I had some problems with this motor lately in it cutting out after about 30 minutes to 1hr and I finally traced it down to Ignition Control. I had replaced with new coil, voltage regulator, condenser, cleaned carb, cleaned light rust off stator and cleaned the magnets of dirt/grim from 30yrs of usage, new fuel pump, and repaired a couple electrical wires so I don't want to burn out the new IC or VR by hooking up the condenser incorrectly.

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