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Need help with a Troy Bilt sickle mower 34062

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I have a Troy Bilt sickle mower I inherited from my dad. Last summer while I was using it, the belt flew off. Upon looking,I found the problem was the housing that the pulley mounts on broke all the ears off. I took it to a welder friend and he tried to fix it,but the thing didn't turn out too well. I tried a new belt,but apparently the housing piece isn't lined up or there are other issues. I just decided that I would rather get a new housing piece,but ever time I locate one,they are unavailable. I called Troy Bilt and they haven't been able to help either. Sears has a listing of most parts on PDF (Housing assembly
PART NUMBER: 1766658001) but it comes up unavailable. I am trying to get it back together by spring and think I may have to locate one used. Anyone know where I could look or try to locate parts? I have been internet searching and calling for 4 days now and I an at my wits end.
Here is the PDF page item 73..
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IIRC, that machine was originally made by KIMCO before they sold out to Troy-Bilt. The KIMCO version was very good in its day, and was still OK, albeit expensive, as a Troy-Bilt machine.
Yep, unfortunately, parts for older sickle mowers are getting hard to find because the only companies allowed to manufacture them are those who were in the business of doing so prior to the enactment of certain safety regulations. Jari is one of those companies. They do invite owners of older, no longer available machines to contact them, because they supposedly still carry some parts. Don't know if they'd have what you're needing, but it's at least worth a try.
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