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Need Help With A Axle Hub!!

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Hey guys! I picked up a toro 500, i think from the 70's. I stripped it down totally. Now the thing is i want bigger tires and my axle is 3/4" thick... I need a hub for that.. Can any help/explain what kind of hub i need? I want to put 4 or 5 bolt rims on it... Ill atach a pic of my tractor with the tiny tires. Thanks in advance!


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Depends on whether your 3/4" axle is keyed,splined,or has 2 flat spots to drive the might be able to find 4 or 5 bolt hubs off another riding mower or garden tractor with the right type of bore to fit..

Or make some yourself..I have seen guys take a front wheel hub/bearing assembly off a FWD car that has the 4.5" or 115MM bolt circle (5 lugs) and press off the bearing and bolt flange,then weld two hubs with the correct bore to the hub ,so it can be mounted on the tractors can buy thses "weld-a-pulley" hubs at farm supply stores (they use them for sprockets too),for about 5 bucks each,they have set screws to hold them in place on the shaft..

If your axles are the splined, or flat spot type,you'll probably not be able to find hubs that'll match,in that case you could remove the centers off your old rims and use them for hubs if they are flat there,by drilling the 4 0r 5 bolt circle pattern into them..or use only the bore part as hubs to make the FWD car hun fit..

Bear in mind putting bigger tires on will raise the gearing up too,it will go much faster than before,but also have much less pulling power--to regain that you may need a larger sprocket on the rear axle ,or a jack shaft with more pulleys or sprockets to gear it back dowm low enough again..
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I have also used the Craftsman type rims with 8" tires and keyed 3/4" bores on those "sit down" mowers that had 3/4" keyed axles--if the axle is too short to pass all the way through to the other side,as long as it goes in more than halfway,that is sufficient..(provided the center hub is one pieice,like a pipe,not two separate hubs, most Craftsman rims are one peice ones).

To hold the rims on,I simply welded a 3/4" shaft collar that has a set screw,onto the rims hub,and put the rim on so thats on the inside,then tighten the setscrew up..worked fine for can use the axle as a alignment devise to line the shaft collar
up,then tack the shaft collar onto the rims hub,
,then remove it to finish welding it on 100%..
I have a transaxle that has that type of axle,with squared off ends,instead of keyways..I saw ONE rim in a tire pile like that a week ago at our landfill,I have been looking for a pair for it forever,so can make something with it--but the back side of it had been caved in with a sledge,someone evidently used one to get it off ,so it was junk..:(

I did see some rims with that type hub in the Surplus Center website,a long time ago,perhaps they still have some in stock?..only other place to find any would be a mower boneyard,try old lawn mower shops that may have a junkpile out might be able to use rims that fit by simply drilling the hubs and the axles for a bolt and "pin" them on,I have at least 4 sit down mower chain driven rear axles that are that way factory..I may end up doing that to my transaxle ..
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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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