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Need Help With A Axle Hub!!

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Hey guys! I picked up a toro 500, i think from the 70's. I stripped it down totally. Now the thing is i want bigger tires and my axle is 3/4" thick... I need a hub for that.. Can any help/explain what kind of hub i need? I want to put 4 or 5 bolt rims on it... Ill atach a pic of my tractor with the tiny tires. Thanks in advance!


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I spent months looking for the same thing for my Toro lawn tractor last year. You have 4 choices:

1) P.O.S. 4-lug go-cart hubs available at places like northern tool, etc. They are crap and will fail on a tractor. You probably will not find 5-lug.

2) Racing go-cart hubs available at 1 or 2 online custom shops. VERY expensive

3) 3-bolt hub off of an old John Deere 110 tractor. That's what I used and the only thing I could find. It uses a triangular plate which accomodates 3 lugs but fits a standard 5-bolt pattern.

4) 3-bolt hub off of a snowblower. This is what I am using on the tractor-kart I am building for my kids. You can get rims up to 8" in diameter with a 3-bolt pattern also on ebay....many commercial mowers use these.

Start searching eBay for hubs and for rims and you will eventually find a useful combination.

My final suggestion would be to use wheels with integral hubs. They are easy to find on eBay/craigslist. And cheap. You can get 20" or more tire diameter which will probably be enough for what you are doing.

When looking for tires, consider searching under ATV tires in can get a lot of tire for a little money!

Looks like a fun project.....good luck!
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