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Need Help With A Axle Hub!!

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Hey guys! I picked up a toro 500, i think from the 70's. I stripped it down totally. Now the thing is i want bigger tires and my axle is 3/4" thick... I need a hub for that.. Can any help/explain what kind of hub i need? I want to put 4 or 5 bolt rims on it... Ill atach a pic of my tractor with the tiny tires. Thanks in advance!


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hey bud thanks, yeah i do want to make it faster..

It is the keyed like the little square key the thickeness of a straw? Can i buy any hubs with the keyway lock ? anyone>?
hey guys thanks for all the input... Yeah i picket it up for 150bucks!. It is complete i have everything but i gutted it out, took out the 5hp briggs and popped in a 18 hp briggs.. Yeah the hood doesnt close,. but hey no project is easy. Okay guys the axle with the keyway messd up.. it started slipping i think a gear within the diff. was loose. Either i can just adjust that OR

Use another rear axle i have. Okay now guys help me. This one has NO KEYWAY but instead the axle at the ends becomes flat.. So the Rim that goes on has a Rectangluar sort of shape inside. I dont know if im explaining it right, but the axle is round but at the end becomes a rectangle and flat...

Can i find hubs for this type of rear axle??? HELP!!
Do you really need 4-5 lug? I know that an easy solution for bigger tires is using tires/rims from many of the old Craftsman tractors . I've scrapped a few and each one had 3/4" keyed shafts . As long as the backspacing is close they would mount right on .

But that is something else to think about . Is the shaft long enough to take a bigger rim/tire combo ? Looking at your pic , I'm thinking you may not be able to get a much bigger rim on there .

Btw , cool little tractor . Did you get it complete ? Those seem to be hard to come by . The one I have was missing the rear , so slapped in one from a Huffy mower . Believe they were made 70-72(?) .

Here's mine as I got ( with the new rear in it) . All original , including paint . gonna make a nice little rider for the daughter .

Bud, i took off the "deck" above the tires and heck even the foot resting panels.. it seems like there is clearance.. Im going to use Donut tires. or Spares as this is just a crusing sort of mower that will go fast.. nothing else.. A classy looking fast tractor.. I even took of the cutting deck.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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