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Need help sears 6

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Emailed sometime right after add put on Craig's list. Just heard back and meet him Friday a.m. tomorrow! Just want any input on this tractor, is it original, paint right, etc. I know I want to buy anyway just to let kids play with, and use a little. Just looks so clean I am finding it hard to believe ( at least on this phone "computer".

wkh2n-3979398927 Craig's list number
Any issue with this "craftsman lawn tractor $125"
Hickory hills IL.

Please... Any help on info, pictures, the good and bad, other sites I can find more about this tractor, any help, I thank you in advance.

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Not restored. No smoke or leaks. Popped a wheelie with deck engaged in second gear. May need to find wheelie bars if kids drive it, or weight for front


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That's a nice looking old rider you and the kids should have fun.
Thank you so much! Now the research begins for me. Model #131.8541
Deck #131.81341. Anyone tell me year made, or where to find it?

I also was not joking about wheelie bars or a weight for front. Could fill tires, but small size would not allow too much added

And accessories are in book.... I know might be hard to find.

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Outstanding SonnyT, thank you. Any info is a huge help, as I am still on road getting it home. Home being the hobby farm I hunt. Place very close to my own home that let's her ride with her friends, the curse of Chicago burbs living. She is 13, and still wants to hang with dad as long as driving stuff is involved. I know that time is soon to pass...

If I could correct thread starter to craftsman 6 I would to be more correct, but still unsure about this. If anyone can explain what makes craftsman/ sears for this tractor clear to me so as to not search in wrong direction for additional info would be great.
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"131" comes up as "Sears Only" its a mystery who built it for them...
I haven't seen one like that with a horizontal shaft engine before,seen a few that were 6 or 7 HP vertical shafts with chain drive to the rear axle appears to use the same deck gearboxes a custom or compact has too...thats a pretty rare bird !..
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Your right,further research in my Rotary book also had a listing for "Sears Only/Roper"...
I figured it wasn't an MTD or AYP ,they didn't have many tractors with horizontal shaft engines other than the 990's,and a few others..
I want to Say thank you to all who have come up with so much information today. This could be weeks, if not months of searching endless dead ends a few hours a day. All replies back have shed some light on this tractor history. Mytractorforum is the friendliest on the net by in far. Have not even been home yet and seem to know rally may have made it, could be 1977? Model maybe 854c.

Give you folks enough time and you will tell me what day of the week, year and even the last name of line worker who installed the tires, maybe even what they had for lunch!

All kidding aside ( I hope lunches are not in a PDF file somewhere) I have only been home 5 min. and could only sneak quick peeks during meeting I had to be at. Will finish reading all links tonight or with coffee in the A.M.

Thank you, and keep it coming if more is out there.
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Forgot to say I ran it around farm last night. Must have jarred something loose on throttle due to it hand control knob creeping to slower speed (cable to carb )

No safety on pull starts, so had a "Benny Hill" moment with tractor. After third time turning it off to check throttle cable issue I forgot to take out of gear before pull start. You guessed correctly that before I knew what was happening tractor was gone on its own, me chasing it to throw out of gear (yea, had to be in third gear). May have to rethink kids plaything. Funny to me now, but...

Tecumseh engine on it. 143.xxxx (book at home, farm & fleet for supplies) Does this shed anymore light to this odd bird?

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I can't help with specifics about this tractor. Just a bit of reflection about safety.

These (sears/roper) tractors are real hd workhorses. But the lack of safety switches means that we need to be extra careful with them.

Even if you can't find the exact manual you might see something similar at

I hope it helps

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Neat little tractor. I have a few custom 6's but not a 6 hp like that one
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