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NEED HELP - Oliver 550 PTO / Trans Seal kit P/N or specs

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Hi Guys !
I need some Oliver 550 PTO related advice.

I have a 62' 550 with weak pto.
Lever works and activates it but clutch does not click into engagement (or it is a very weak click)
Pto turns but is very weak. I can hold it with my hand so to speak

Looking up into the frame from the access port below, it looks like the whole pto clutch is full of oil so it is slipping real bad. It probably have worn out friction plates anyway if I recall what prior owner told me. Anyway, new plates would slip with that amount of oil.

I did not Z-Split it yet. Would rather get all the parts prior to split to reduce the downtime.

I WOULD NEED THE SEALS P/N OR THE SIZING / CROSS REFERENCE OF ALL OF THEM (PTO clutch seal and transmission shafts seal or any seal I am able to replace to renew and stop the leak that is coming from the rear (engine clutch looks dry and operates fine)

Is there anybody here able to fwd me the info and maybe a scan of the parts manual pages ? I have the shop manual but it is not helpful.

I found a seal kit photo on google that is from 'everything oliver-white ebay store' but I was not able to get a reply and kit seems NLA. (see pic) Looks like 3 lip seal and 3 orings.

Thanks for your help guys ! I am pretty new to the tractor scene. Having own that small workhorse for the last 4 yrs had prove me it deserves to be repaired and used as intented. I really like how small but strong this beast is !

Bye, Jason :)
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I may be able to help you with some part numbers. Let me check into my manuals for the part #s you are looking for. Also Oliver became AGCO who owns a lot of different tractor brands. You can still get some Oliver parts from AGCO.
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