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Need help installing mower belt on tractor

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I have a model 254680 craftsman lawn tractor and I can't fifure out how to get the mower deck belt on. I bought a new craftsman belt from sears according to the parts cooling. For some reason there is a ton of slack in the belt and I have no idea as to why.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
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Thats what I hate about the ******** drawings, you take a crap shoot on part numbers, primarily belts. Had one in here a while back that needed a drive belt and the original one was missing so I couldnt measure it. Sears showed part no and a substitute pn. Original pn crossed to a 90", 90 1/2" and a 91" belt. Substitute crossed to a 91" or a 95" or a 95 1/2". Took a gamble on the I ordered a 90 1/2, a 91 and a 91 1/2 just to make sure I got one that worked right. :banghead3
I got this tractor for free, spent a night and a twelve pack rewiring it and checking everything plus adding a battery. Thing fired right up andi started mowing the next day. And I mowed right over the hundred foot fish tape my plumber left in the yard. Blew the belt and now I'm stuck fiinding something to fit.

Should I just try tractor supply co and get an 84" belt like the old factory one measured?
If it was an accurate measure, yes. I have been known to use a string to fab up a belt making allowances for things such as belt tensioners, slack in the string, etc, the but the string on a belt gauge here or at the local auto parts store and get a good idea of belt length. Some instances you can stand a half inch or more of error, other times you have to be exact on the length, depending on the application.
By the way, according to the sears drawings for you model, a 42" deck, the deck belt crosses to a 1/2" x 92 1/2" belt, and I know that is what I have ordered for several sears decks.
See if you can find a piece of 1/2 inch rope around anywhere,, Then make a rope belt and install on the deck and adjust to size.. then take it to tractor supply and have them match it with a belt

Much mor accurate than my string method for sure :thThumbsU
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